Nikolaos Skouloudis

Capt. Nikolaos Skouloudis has worked for the Group since 1986. He is a Master Mariner (Class A - Unrestricted) with over 13 years of sea going experience on bulk carriers and tankers. Capt. Skouloudis holds an MBA with focus in Shipping Management and Logistics from Leicester University.

Andonis T.N. Lemos – President

Georgios E. Poularas – Chief Operating Officer

Vasso Angelopoulou - Accounts
Vlasia Papadopoulou - HSQE
Harikleia Kapella – Legal
Michalis Manganas (Cpt) – Crewing / Procurement
Kostas Karlos – Crewing
Amalia Markou – Crewing
Petros Mastropetros (Cpt) – Operations (Tankers)
Periklis Dinakis (Cpt) – Operations (Containerships)
Erwin Derlagen – Technical
Gabriel Andreou (Cpt) – Senior Shipping Consultant
Antonis N. Valmas – Senior Technical Consultant
Nikolaos Skouloudis (Cpt) – Company Security Officer