1.Business Ethics
The Company in pursuit of its business objectives is committed to a course of the highest integrity, which avoids even the appearance of impropriety in the conduct of its affairs. The Company’s relationships with clients and suppliers are based on sound  commercial criteria that are not influenced by other factors such as gifts or entertainment. In this way the Company is able to sustain constructive ongoing relationships with those organizations, companies and individuals doing business or seeking to do business with it. The Company will render equitable and faithful performance to each of its customers and will respect the confidentiality of its customer’s business and activities.

The Company will not consciously participate in activities or practices which are known to be unsafe or illegal and will not commit itself to carry out business for a customer when the service to be provided may be used for illegal activities.

 Accordingly the receiving or giving of gifts, meals, travel, entertainment or other favors between employees and business contacts should be moderate, infrequent, appropriate to the occasion and only within genuine business purposes.

The giving of or receiving cash gifts are strictly prohibited.

Any infractions of this code of ethics will not be tolerated and the Company will act quickly in correcting the issue if the ethical code is broken.

Any employee found to have violated this policy may be subject to disciplinary action, up to and including termination of employment. All Policies are communicated to newly employed shore personnel and ship’s Officers and crew during familiarization process.
2.Safety Policy

The Management of ENESEL S.A. is committed to take all reasonable precautions and measures, during the operation of managed vessels, in order to ensure safety at sea, prevention of human injury or loss of life and avoidance of damage to property.

The Company’s goal is to achieve ZERO accidents through continuous improvement.

To fulfil these objectives, the management is committed to the following approach:

  • Compliance with mandatory rules and regulations and taking into consideration the Codes, guidelines and standards recommended by the IMO, Flag Administrations, Class Societies and Industry organizations, applicable to operations of managed vessels.
  • Adherence to an Integrated Management System (IMS) by all Company’s employees, including managed vessels, which promotes the concept of safety and environmental excellence, continuous improvement and enhancement of personnel skills.
  • Assigning employees possessing sound skills and capabilities in required areas of responsibility, including adequate verification resources.
  • Defining the organization, responsibility, authority and interfacing of the various management functions within the frame of the IMS.
  • Providing for safe and environmentally sound practices in the operation of managed vessels. Providing and maintaining a safe working environment onboard to assist in preventing human injury and loss of life.
  • Providing the necessary training to ensure that Company’s employees are capable of achieving safety and pollution prevention objectives in the work they perform.
  • Providing facilities, systems/equipment and a maintenance system that is suited for the purpose of achieving objectives.
  • Conducting management review meetings and management system audits.
This Policy has the full support of Top Management and applies to all Company’s employees.
3.Health & Hygiene Policy

ENESEL S.A. holds health and hygiene as first priority in its operations, while its outmost concern is to always ensure that all employees execute their work under safe and hygienic conditions. In order to ensure high standards of health and hygiene, the Company:

  • Complies with all applicable legislation and regulations, observes relevant guidelines, and applies responsible standards where laws and regulations do not exist.
  • Seeks to identify and evaluate health and hygiene risks related to its operations that potentially affect employees, contractors or the public and establishes appropriate safeguards.
  • Communicates knowledge about health and hygiene risks to individuals in potential risk or organizations and the scientific community.
  • Determines at the time of employment and thereafter, as appropriate, the medical fitness of employees to perform their work without undue risk to themselves or others.
  • Implements programs and appropriate protective measures to control such risks, including appropriate monitoring of employees in potential risk.
  • Provides or arranges, as appropriate, for medical services necessary for the treatment of employee occupational illnesses or injuries and for the handling of medical emergencies.
  • Provides voluntary health and hygiene promotion programs designed to enhance employees’ wellbeing and personal safety. These programs should supplement, but not interfere with, the responsibility of employees over their own health care.
  • Undertakes appropriate reviews and evaluations of its operations to measure progress and to foster compliance with this Policy.
The Company’s goal is to achieve the highest standards of health and personal hygiene through continuous improvement.

Information about employees are confidential and shall not be revealed to non-medical personnel except at the request of the employee concerned, or when required by law, when dictated by overriding public health considerations, or when necessitated by the Company’s Drug and Alcohol Policy.

This Policy has the full support of the Company’s Management, is available to the public and applies to all Company’s employees
4.Quality Policy

ENESEL S.A. is fully committed to providing a Quality service, which consistently and continuously meets and exceeds the requirements of its Customers, in accordance with national and international laws, rules and regulations, whilst protecting assets under its care, its employees and the environment in general. This is achieved by establishing and discharging managerial and operational processes, which have emerged from a combination of sound managerial principles and long experience in the Shipping Industry. The implementation of this Policy is underpinned by the full support of the Top Management. The Company aims to maintain the quality of service it provides by:

  • Meeting and exceeding customer requirements and expectations as defined in the relevant Ship Management Agreements and Charter Parties with the aim of enhancing customer satisfaction.
  • Developing and implementing controlled processes,
  • Continual improvements in operational responsiveness,
  • Monitoring the effectiveness and ongoing relevance of the policies and procedures by initiating regular reviews,
  • Reviewing the needs and expectations of our customers and initiate continuous improvement activities to meet these expectations,
  • Complying with the ISM Code as well as continuously improving its Management System, always in line with ISO 9001 and ISO 14001,
  • Establishing and communicating measurable and consistent objectives and performance targets to Company employees,
  • Complying with applicable statutory requirements, international legislation and classification society requirements related to the services provided
  • Operating Vessels without accident(s) or incident(s) that could endanger the Company’s employees, the environment and/ or assets under the Company’s care,
  • Complying with current Health and Safety legislation and,
  • Developing employee skills and increasing their contribution through effective training
In order to meet the above objectives the company has developed and implements a Management System, which as a minimum shall meet the requirements of ISO 9001, ISO 14001, ISM & ISPS Code and MLC 2006 Convention.

All Company employees are responsible for implementing the Company's Quality Policy.

The Company's Management is responsible for monitoring and reviewing the Quality Policy at regular intervals in order to ensure that it remains relevant and effective.

Moreover, the Company’s Management shall ensure that its Quality Policy and its related procedures and controls are understood, implemented and maintained at all levels of its organization.

All Policies are communicated to newly employed shore personnel and ship’s Officers and crew during the familiarization process.
5. Environmental Policy

The Company is committed through continuous efforts to improve environmental performance in all areas required by the international regulations and laws and Company’s IMS and EMS towards a cleaner environment, and to ensure:

  • Pollution prevention that emphasizes source reduction, including necessary funding and human resources, to effectively maintain the onboard systems, equipment and components.
  • Continuous reduction of environmental risks.
  • Sharing information on environmental performance with external stakeholders.

The Company’s goal is to achieve ZERO pollution at sea, air and at land through continuous improvement. For achieving this goal, the Company:
  • Complies with all applicable environmental laws, regulations and requirements and applies responsible standards where laws, regulations and requirements do not exist.
  • Responds quickly and effectively to environmental incidents resulting from its operations, in co-operation with industry organizations and authorized government agencies.
  • Assesses all identified risks to the environment and establishes appropriate safeguards.
  • Shows concern and respect for the environment, emphasizes every employee's responsibility in environmental performance and fosters appropriate operating practices and training.
  • Undertakes appropriate reviews and evaluations of its operations to measure progress and to foster compliance with this Policy.
  • Manages its business with the goal of preventing environmental incidents and of controlling emissions and wastes to below harmful levels.
  • Designs, operates and maintains facilities to this end.
  • Shares its experience with others to facilitate improvements in industry performance.
This Policy has the full support of Top Management, is available to the public and applies to all Company’s employees.
6. Drugs & Alcohol Policy

It is the Company’s Policy that no seafarer employed shall navigate the Vessel, operate machinery or carry out his duties whilst he is impaired by drugs or alcohol or suspected to be under the impairment of alcohol or drugs

As a condition of continued employment all shipboard personnel are required to submit to drug and alcohol testing. Refusal to consent to the testing, falsification of a test or positive test results will result in the termination of employment.

All shore based and shipboard personnel of the Company are strictly required to adhere to this policy full complying with the Company’s procedures and all applicable national and international regulations.

The Company has defined as alcohol impairment a breath alcohol content of 0.20 mg/lt or more or 0.04% blood alcohol level (BAC).

In order to enforce this policy:

1) The Company implements very strict rules and procedures in alcohol distribution and consumption

2) The possession, use, trafficking of any kind of illegal drugs and for any reason on board the ship is prohibited

3) The Company implements procedures in alcohol distribution and consumption, which meet or exceed the relevant Flag State legislation and/or ICS/OCIMF guidelines and enforces a strict blood/breath and/or urine test schedule involving:

  • mandatory pre-joining tests for all seafarers
  • Periodical random testing/screening on board Vessels. Each Officer is to be tested at least once annually.
  • Regular breathalyzer tests on board, either as a control procedure, or during the case of an investigative process.
Seafarers found to be in violation of this Policy shall be immediately released from duty and dismissal / disciplinary action will be taken.

Adherence to this Policy is considered as a term of employment.

All Policies are communicated to newly employed shore personnel and ship’s Officers and crew during the induction & familiarization process.
7. Anti-Bribery & Anti-Corruption Policy

Enesel S.A. will not countenance bribery or corruption in any form. For further information regarding our internal policy on bribery and corruption please contact Ms. Anna Karatsivi, her contact details as follows: +30.210. 7260 501 or at anna.karatsivi@eneselsa.com