Petros Mastropetros

Capt. Petros Mastropetros has worked for the Group since 2000. He has been Maritime Superintendent since 2008. Capt. Mastropetros is a Master Mariner (Class A - Unrestricted) with over 32 years of  seagoing experience on bulk carriers, OBOs and tankers.

Andonis T.N. Lemos – President

Georgios E. Poularas – Member of the Board

Gabriel Andreou (Cpt) – Managing Director
Vasso Angelopoulou - Accounts
Harikleia Kapella – Legal
Petros Mastropetros (Cpt) – Operations/CSO
Haroula Fritzala – Operations/Deputy CSO
Lazaros Kotselis – Technical
Kostas Karlos – Technical
Georgia Kalakona – Procurment
Irene Kofina – Procurement
Andreas Panagiotaras – IT
Sofia Giastikli - HSQE
Antonis N. Valmas – Special Projects Director / Senior Technical Consultant