Michalis Manganas (Cpt)

Capt. Michalis Manganas has worked for Enesel S.A. and its predecessor companies since 1975. He has been head of manning since 2000. Capt. Manganas is a Master Mariner (Class A – Unrestricted) with over 35 years of seagoing experience on general cargo ships, multi-purpose ships, containers, bulk carriers and tanker vessels.

Andonis T.N. Lemos – President

Georgios E. Poularas – Chief Operating Officer

Vasso Angelopoulou - Accounts
Vlasia Papadopoulou - HSQE
Harikleia Kapella – Legal
Michalis Manganas (Cpt) – Crewing / Procurement
Kostas Karlos – Crewing
Amalia Markou – Crewing
Petros Mastropetros (Cpt) – Operations (Tankers)
Periklis Dinakis (Cpt) – Operations (Containerships)
Erwin Derlagen – Technical
Gabriel Andreou (Cpt) – Senior Shipping Consultant
Antonis N. Valmas – Senior Technical Consultant
Nikolaos Skouloudis (Cpt) – Company Security Officer