Andonis T.N. Lemos

Andonis Lemos is a qualified barrister and a member of Middle Temple. Andonis began his professional career at Quadrant Chambers in London and was Called to the Bar in 2000. Subsequent to this he joined Enesel S.A. as a Vice President and rose to the position of Chief Executive Officer, before being appointed President in May 2011. Andonis is also the Founder of Axia Investments and a founding partner of Avra Asia Pte. Ltd., a physical commodity trading business principally focused on the fully integrated delivery of, inter alia, Indonesian coal to end users in China and India. Furthermore, he is a member of the Board of the Hellenic War Risk Association, the Swedish Club and the Union of Greek Shipowners. Andonis holds an honours degree in Law from the University of Oxford and has successfully completed six months of voluntary national service with the Greek Navy, where he was honourably discharged at the end of his service.

Andonis T.N. Lemos – President

Georgios E. Poularas – Member of the Board

Gabriel Andreou (Cpt) – Managing Director
Vasso Angelopoulou - Accounts
Harikleia Kapella – Legal
Petros Mastropetros (Cpt) – Operations/CSO
Haroula Fritzala – Operations/Deputy CSO
Lazaros Kotselis – Technical
Kostas Karlos – Technical
Georgia Kalakona – Procurment
Irene Kofina – Procurement
Andreas Panagiotaras – IT
Sofia Giastikli - HSQE
Antonis N. Valmas – Special Projects Director / Senior Technical Consultant